Cadburys chocolate coverd pretzels?

Found 26th Apr 2012
Anyone remember these? They were in a blue foil pack.

Before the Google mafia come along, I have Googled it but thestudentroom forum page where this has been discussed previously was blocked by my work proxy
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I used to love these, I wish they still made them
My local fenwicks department store sells fancy gourmet ones in it's food department.

They cost some ridiculous amount though. It would probably just be easier (and cheaper) to buy a bag of pretzels and some chocolate and make your own.
you mean Flipz?? they were lush, white choc ones mmmm, you can get em on places like stateside candy co. and in House of Fraser but theyre ridiculously priced
I don't think they were called Flipz though over here. That might be the American branding of them i guess?
It's doing my head in!
They weren't Cadburys. They're Flipz and American. I love the white fudge covered ones.
They must have been called Flipz. Funny how you remember things being different though. I'm sure the pack was a darker blue and they were Cadburys.... Ah well. Cheers
Yes i remember these. Quite good.

Also reminds me of time getting Lemon & Lime Polos and Butterscotch? Polos.
Loved them both amfan. The lemon Polos were awesome
Lemon polos! They were awesome!
I think they are made by Nestle, they were only around here for a few months.
You can get them from Covent Garden.
Ridiculously priced! Just go to the States, they sell them in barrels, scoops a whole kg into a bag for less than $10
They were disgusting.

A proper cinnamon sugar (dough) pretzel is the shiz
They're coming back!

simonturner691 day, I think they are made by Nestle, they were only … simonturner691 day, I think they are made by Nestle, they were only around here for a few months.

Funny I was just talking about these the other day & no one had a clue what I was on about ......They WERE made by Nestle. They were sold in the UK for about a year & then spontaneously disappeared. I have fond memories of when they came out, me thinks me munched through all the boxes I was given to hand out to customers! MOORISH they were. Have tried many other brands of chocolate covered pretzels & nothing comes close
M&S do chocolate pretzels. It's about £1.20 a bag but I don't think they're as nice as the flipz, well the chocolate is but the actual pretzel isn't as salty.

Woo!.... Oh

"110g bagRRP - £2.03"


Woo!.... Oh

Yh, but these bags are always £1 in at least one shop every month.
Yummy...tried them today, well kind of......the whole packet! not sure if that counts as trying! Scrumptious but not as moorish as the discontinued nestle ones.
There back lady's and gents, and they are Cadburys so look out as I happen to see them yesterday and was like a child again.
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