cadburys creame eggs best price!!!

    well come on i thought i would get you working hard!!!! It's nearly easter and dont u just love those cadburys creame eggs (small ones usually about 31p???)

    My request is who can find out whose doing the cheapest creame eggs!!! It's a challenge!!!

    Also some shops do the 12 boxes of creame aggs - again best price would be appreciated


    £1.59 for 6 at Tesco

    £2.68 for 12 at Tesco and possibly the same price at Woolworths.

    £1 for 6 at Poundland.
    They have got small Maltesers, Mars Fun-size, Milky Way Magic Stars, Cadbury's Chomp, Cadbury's Fudge, Creme Egg & Cadbury's Mini Eggs, Easter eggs on offer at 4 for £3 too.

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    somerfield has now reduced its creame eggs and u are getting 6 for 94p can anyone beat that?

    I got caught whilst being bored queueing at the checkouts in Somerfield yesterday and picked up a 6 pack for 99p! Just realised that the 3 pack was only 44 or 45 pence - and so I should have got 2 times 3!
    Been getting a bit concerned about my near obsession for CCEggs. I won't even go into McDs whilst they have their CCEgg McFlurry season on.
    Did you know that a CCegg contains 175 calories! I ate 2 last night and only put the rest in the fridge 'cos they'd melted a bit in the sun.
    I'm going to ring my kids up at home and tell them the munch the rest to save me from myself!
    p.s. I'm not normally a sweetie monster, it is purely since I've mean doing Slimfast that I get end of the week compulsions to put about 2000 calories in me in the shortest time possible - usually packs of discounted cookies (thanks Somerfield for over orderring!)

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    thanks for that i was rolling on the floor laughing when i read your message! (well almost)

    10p each in sainsbunnies today

    20p each at ASDA

    10p each in tesco
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