cafe's near buchanan street bus station in Glasgow?

Found 16th Jan 2017
I'm going to Glasgow on Friday but the bus I'm getting gets me into Glasgow at 6:30am after a long bus trip I'm going to need to get something to eat I'm just wondering does anyone know if there is a cafe open that early any where near the bus station (apart from mcdonalds) thanks in advance for any information.
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If you head off down to George Square you'll find some. Have a look on tripadvisor. No doubt a helpfull Glaswegian will see your question but until then this opens at 7am for breakfast.…tml
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There's a Pret a Manger just round the corner, opens at 7am...…3ah
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greggs will be open at central station corner of gordon/union

west george st, walking down renfield st on your right will be toni macaroni but on your left is wee basement cafe called cafe wander i think that opens a 7
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Head to Central Station, about an 8 minute walk from the Bus Station. 'Gordon Street Coffee' opens at 0600, and has some of the best early morning food and coffee in the city. You won't regret it.

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Gone are the days you could easily find a greasy spoon near most stations i bet years ago you could find 5 in eyeview. Capitalist pig dogs !
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thank you everyone
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