Cahoot Webcard Problems

    I was wondering if anyone else uses Cahoot Webcard - its a little program you download as a Cahoot customer, which allows you to set a limit, and generate a unique credit card that you can use online. I use it to protect the details of my real card, but having tried it today, the app didnt work. Anyone know what has happened?

    It looks like Cahoot have cancelled the service - a big mistake in my opinion, it was one of their USP, does any one know if any one else does a virtual credit card?

    Did anyone else use the Webcard?


    Yes I did use it, and yes they have ended it, possibly as a part of fully integrating in to Santander.:x

    A huge mistake, it worked brilliantly.

    No other bank, as far as I am aware offers anything similar.

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    Typical - you are right, it was very useful. Did you get a warning that it was going to go, as I only found out when I tried using it this morning.

    I don't understand why they get rid of something that was so useful, plus a real security barrier against fraud. I cannot believe that it was THAT expensive to keep it running.

    Thanks for confirming it, though. Rep added

    Yes I did get a warning letter a few weeks back.

    I agree, it was both innovative and very secure.

    Typical of Santander to get rid of something that worked so well...:x

    Not heard of this webcard before. what a brilliant idea. Typical that I don't find out about until after it's gone.
    This extract was taken from wikipedia

    On 2nd September 2009, Cahoot announced that as from 12th September 2009 … On 2nd September 2009, Cahoot announced that as from 12th September 2009 the option to apply for and download the cahoot Webcard will be removed. Users of the Webcard prior to 12th September will be able to use it up until 8th October 2009.

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