Cahoot website down again (another c**p Santander operation)

Found 23rd Aug 2010
I see from MSE that the Cahoot banking website's down again, and has been since yesterday.

Does anyone still bank with this useless shower? So good until Santander shafted it, just as they did Alliance and Leicester.

Does anyone have a good word to say for Santander in fact?
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i hate them was with abbey for over 10 years,then satander took over and it all went wrong! so now with halifax - had no problems
What a dead loss. Their online banking is up the wall and now the whole site has gone. I've had nothing but trouble with it every since Santander took over. Bring back Abbey. This shower of S**T can't seem to run a bank. Anyone got any ideas where else is best? Not staying with these idiots much longer...
Working OK for me.
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