Cahrliethirtytwo + 1 = Charliethirtyfour!!

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Found 25th Jun 2007
One of the biggest and most sinister mouths has notched up another year!!
Happy Birthday Charlie…jpg
You might wanna blow that 'candle' out before it's too late!?!

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Happy Birthday to Charlie "scarey avatar" thirtytwo/three/four!!! :-D

Happy birthday C32!!!!!! (Or C34!)

Happy birthday C32!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

I'm hoping you dont blow out that candle and get your wish......... global domination of the sarcastic kind I dont think I could take!:p


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: happy birthday!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

[SIZE=4]AK :w00t: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]C32, I don't care what you try and do to your name, you will still be C32 to me :giggle: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]Now, don't go soft in your old age and start writing soppy stuff, it's not in your caricature :whistling: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]Happy Birthday "Old Boy" :thumbsup: [/SIZE]

Happy B'day Charlie

Best wishes..


Many congratulations Charlie Sir. :-D

Here's a birthday scratcher for you, good luck...

happy birthday :roll:

Will Smiler have a good day????

Magic 8 says [COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="4"]hell yeah![/SIZE][/COLOR]

Happy birthday hun


[CENTER][/CENTER] Bet my mobility scooter's faster than yours:p

all those pics must have crippled you foxy!

Happy birthday bud.

happy birthday !

happy birthday may you have many more to come.

How he reached this birthday is anyone's guess....must be the drugs and booze ...yes he models his life on Keith Richard so lets hope for a whole lot more rocking from the Arkham Asylum......massive birthday wishes my good man.

Happy Birthday C32!

Happy Birthday xxx

Have a great b'day C32. Hope you had a good one!


Well he must be having a great time!, Hasn't posted at all today! (Well I haven't noticed!)

Smile C3PO hope you had your cake and ate it Hugs!

Charlies in the house!, Happy birthday Again!!

OK, here we go.....
Jelli - Thanks for my birthday would've meant so much more if you hadn't only done it to make me feel guilty for missing yours the other week!!!
I'll forgive ya because when it comes to leftfield pics your only beaten by one person....
Suze - If we were all as cute as your avi it'd get boring...the world needs villians...& Jokers ready to take the p#ss at every turn! Cheers Tink
Iom-RF - Cheers to the "half an hour from london" Cock(ney)!!!
tOmm - Thanks for the birthday wishes...afraid I don't know you well enough to be as rude as I am to some!!?!?
AngelKelly - Don't know what you posted that got Crazy so excited but always open to you PM'ing any Brummie filth my way!?!?!
ALICOM007 - Sorry about Thierry...sure you'll manage & thanks for the shout.
Crazy1 - Hey life wouldn't be life without a lil' bit of CRAZY...don't worry 'bout any change of tone, I plan to be one of those bitter, nasty, rude old men...sure you know the sort........????
J.Dance - Not gonna dig you out asking if that's cheesecake, just gonna say cheers bud, when you make the effort you're actually quite funny.
I wouldn't want to be washing your shorts after you've make that degree of effort but hey, one day all this could be yours!!!!!
edi - I was gonna say thanks but 1 SLICE OF PIE!!!!! (Cheers for the wishes though)
Cuzzy - Thanks for the birthday wishes & having a massive headed alien avi.
Syzable - Credit to the man who stands up for his family with no thought for himself, his own safety or a 24hr're a class act Sy!
bazzaric - Printed off that scratchcard after photoshopping the £50,000 top prize & have now been barred from my local Co-op!?! Thanks for nothing!
tracy013 - Won't be able to see you post now without thinking "Cheeky"
JennyBubbles - Hey Red, we both know there's only one king of ball juggling that we lurk around with & I can't take credit for that title. Cheers for the Fox-dial-up-busting pic & your best wishes honey.
Kelly-o-fanatic - Always time for a bit of Simpsons & there's no truth in the rumour that I look like.....
Macdoona - Cheers for the 'card' MacD...mind you look after my twins!!!!
Fox2020 - Keep using the old "I'm on dial-up" excuse & maybe people won't realise that you're just getting slow/loosing your touch & aren't as funny as you once were!!!
(Only because you let my tyres down)
SeanCampbell - Not having a go at you in case I get sued - Cheers bud
Shanecr - Glad to see your still 'Daddycool' & thanks for going the extra mile with the pic.
[email protected] - A bit worried almost sounded like you'd heard something I hadn't about my medical condition?!?
I'll keep taking the pills & try for a few more birthdays!!!!
CurryChops - Keith said you taught him everything he knows so I've got a fine teacher....cheers laddo.
BeckyBoo - Thanks for being a sweetie
FireHeaven - Keep on running're a star for what you're doing & everyone should check out the FireHeaven's race for life thread & put your hands in your wallets & purses…474
Foxy102 - I'll forgive you for confusing me when I look through who's online & I think it's my mate 2020 as you've taken the time to wish me happy birthday when you should be changing sh#tty nappies!!!
Gaia - HUKD's queen of the fairies & a class act...well when she's in a saucy mood. Thanks for the hugs & hypothetical cake!!!

And finally thanks again to Iom-RF for stalking me & bumping this thread when he saw I was online....don't believe the rumours about this one...he'll make a great man one day.....probably around bonfire night!!?!
Kids eh!?!?

Brilliant Charlie!, A lot of thought went into writing all that!

One comment that I had to lol at :

SeanCampbell - Not having a go at you in case I get sued - Cheers bud


^ wise man :P
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