Cake bake comp - prizes ( pics in this thread) don't get better than this! Dog_Cop you are a star!!

Found 4th Sep 2010
For the benefit of those who aren't in the misc 24/7:
D_C devised, organised, took the misc heat about and now has sent out prizes ( paid for himself) for the HUKD bank holiday cake bake competition.

12 of us participated and exposed ourselves to www scrutiny. It was all (well nearly all) excellent fun. The voting was tense and close and very funny.

kaks pink domes got the most misc votes; I squeaked the contestants' vote( I think my glass plate was the classiest) and Bossy won D-C's sympathy for his special award. *
(*This analysis may not be accurate but the outcomes were!)

Upshot is that this morning I received a heavy parcel and it was my prize. How excellent is that? Pics in the first two posts


Huge applause from me.


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Thank You very much.

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Thats a really good prize and so you Chesso!!!

Nice one DC

well done to dog cop for this great fun comp and excellent prizes!


Thats a really good prize and so you Chesso!!!Nice one DC

We will be expecting an entry from you at the next comp Nikki! Think its going to be Halloween - and already doing my research


We will be expecting an entry from you at the next comp Nikki! Think its … We will be expecting an entry from you at the next comp Nikki! Think its going to be Halloween - and already doing my research

I am deffo going to enter, get my little boy involved. Hhhhm will have to have a think about my design. Feel a bit intimidated though especially with such good bakers like yourself! X)

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Thats a really good prize and so you Chesso!!!Nice one DC

I doubt you'd want to win me in a comp Nikki.


Kaks got her prize yesterday too!That is amazing Chesso!!!

Woops - couldn't find that in my preliminary search!
Sorry kaks!
Good suggestion re the PM pics for an anonymous vote. http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii78/chesso_photos/animated%20smilies/hukdthumbsup2.gif

It is amazing - I bet you cannot wait for yours.

wow...he's gone to a lot of trouble with those prizes...well done d_c, am proud of you

good work dc and puts hukds to shame with their 5 months and still no amazon vouchers scam.

I just died a little inside.

Here's my prizes - I am dead chuffed and very impressed! The book has loads of amazing cakes and goodies in it which I will be trying out for sure. Loved the lego cop and chef X)


Thanks dog_cop - you're a legend!!!!!!

I so want a lego cop and chef


thanks for the thread.. dont fret for the other prizes.. due to being unhappy with what I ordered for one of the prizes.. its gone back.. but stuff will be on the way for the other winners..

I am glad to say I really enjoyed organising the comp, even though I did get stressed on the winners night post off fiasco..

The whole Idea came about from NumptyJ after the " I was baking stitch up" so a word of thanks for the idea.

I hope that you all enjoyed the comp and I will be running another later in the year, the whole idea was a bit of fun and for misc to become more friendly , as I have noted that things have slipped and the "fun" aspect seemed to have gone, as with one or two posters , one who always made me laugh was Syzable, so all in all thanks to all of you who took part for micoo`s mum for her effort and I loved the vote begging threads..

Here is to the next comp, and I expect with an earl;y heads up Chesso will have some stiff competition for her crown, as well as Bossyboots for the dc special cake.

And thanks for BM for being the official vote counter

so keep baking

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Well said D_C and

http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii78/chesso_photos/animated%20smilies/thankyou.gif @ BM


Well said D_C and @ BM

Big thanks to you both http://forum.thescubasite.com/party/party0042.gif
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