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Found 28th May 2008
ok for all those out there, im fairly new at this cake deocaritng thing, an most ave done have just been basic with roll out icing making shapes etc.however ive been watchign on you tube makking roses out of "butter cream icing"! however i have jsut purchased a flower nail and i alredy have the pettel tip but what i dont get is most of these vieos are american and i dont think the butter cream icing i make (4oz stork, 8oz icing sugar 2 drops vinalle ess) would "stand up" or set or "not flop" lol if you know what i mean?? do amrican use sumthing differnt? or what should i be using please help?!1

also who can tell me what vegtable shortning is? is it lyk lard or cookeen?

also who knows if there are any forums, scottsh or uk on cake deocrating

and any cake deorcating supply shops i aberdeen!!

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hiya, i did all this at college, training to be a chef.

Your best making royal icing, it will hold and sets firm, that's what i make mine out off.

Sure you will a somewhere or one on net easy. Most will use merrie white.

There is a special type of icing that you can use for flowers called flower paste, there are a few recipes for it but are quite complicated, it may be simpler to buy it ready made.

Its available from all good suppliers and online…htm

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yeah i bought ready made royal icing beofre?? but i jsut though this butter stuff wid be differnt as all the people on you tube use it?? ach id ont know , lol i though mayeb trex would be the same as crisco, but you can get crisco from ebay however i cant fget corn syrup any ideaS?

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have u ever made the silver spoon royal icing?? i bought the squires ktihcen stuff ebfore but its quite expensive?…252

Is a forum with some questions and answers about corn syrup maybe some use.

Yeah, you can use any icing sugar really, it's more the merrie white or meringue powder that makes it go firm like that.

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no i ment, teh silver spoon icing sugar is ment to be lyk an instant royal icing mix, hav u used it before??
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