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Found 14th Feb 2011
I'm doing a cake making day with the kids next week and was wondering if anybody knows if one of these ebay item numbers (190501046412) will make the fancy topping to cupcakes like this....(in 1st post) 1st picture on this page.

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it looks like the last one one the right!
as I have some knowledge on the subject.. yes the last tube on the right will do the trick but it looks quite a small nozzle.. you could always open up the end I used to push the handle end of a wooden spoon into the nozzle to open it up . but for small cup cakes they will be ok
Limited as my experience is, i would say that set would not produce the results in the Sweets Bar link - i think i would be too small - probably produce something more like what you get on an Iced Gem. I think you would need something more like # 120684014814 on the bay of dreams

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broken link jelli
Thanks everybody for your help.

Jelli the link doesnt seem to work, havnt bought the set yet so open to other you think would be good.
The nozzles do not look the same, i think you need one with a cross shape at the end and a bit wider.

cheaper and the nozzle in the bag looks much better

item 250740070947
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Sorry - don't know what happened to the link, i have amended my post to show the item number that i meant. It is quite expensive to buy singley, but the second image on the listing gives you a better idea as to how much deeper the 'star' shape needs to come down the side of the nozzle and the fact the a bigger one would be needed to achieve what you were after - Good luck!
I use a large star nozzle, I think I got mine from Lakeland it was only a couple of pound & does the job
thanks everyone, ive seen this one which looks like it has quite a large nozzle so going to get this.
the bay 200575325237
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