Calculating Amazon Seller Fees - Seems A Lot!

Posted 26th Mar 2016
So I just sold the following item:

Please dispatch this product using Standard delivery.

Item: In The Night Garden Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train 78cms
Condition: New
Condition note: Brand New. Dispatched from within the U.K.
Listing ID: 032XXXXXXXXX
Quantity: 1
Order date: 26/03/2016
Price: £29.00
Shipping: £5.13
Amazon fees: -£7.04
Your earnings: £27.09


Amazon Fees of £7.04? I don't get how they worked that.

When I listed the item (albeit at £28.85, so a 15p difference), I received the following email:

Buyer's price: £28.85
Amazon commission (if sold): (Std UK Domestic) £5.85 Std UK Domestic credit (if sold): £5.13 Amazon commission (if sold): (Std UK Europe) £5.84 Std UK Europe credit (if sold): £5.10


The "fee" preview on the seller page lists £5.84 fees - although this is an "estimate".

I also used an external website fee calculator that estimated approximately £6 fees. Any ideas why £7.04 fees?
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Have you aksed amazon. It does seem steep that.

Have you aksed amazon. It does seem steep that.

I've just opened a case with Amazon (they don't do live chat for sellers ) - I don't see how they can get it wrong considering it should be a simple automated process to work out any fees....
It looks as though VAT has been added.
25% commission is utter rediculous. Stick to ebay jeez

25% commission is utter rediculous. Stick to ebay jeez

Amazon have just got back to me. Thoroughly useless, just quoting their fees page, which I quoted in my opening message.

They charge me 75p per transaction and then 15% on total transaction.

Still confused!

This is part of their reply (Note toys have 15% commission unlike books that are 17.5%).:

Here is how it works:
Price of the product
+Any other fees charged to the buyer
+ per item fee
- Referral fee
= Total credited to seller's Seller Account

Here is an example of how an order for a BMVD Product will be displayed in your Payments report. This example is for a book priced at £10.00, with standard shipping to the UK and no other fees charged:

Product charges: £10.00
-Referral Fee: £1.73 (referral fee of 17.25%)
+per item fee £0.49
+Shipping: £2.75
Seller's Total: £10.53

Product Charges = Price of the product, plus other non-shipping amounts charged to the buyer
Amazon Fees = Referral Fee plus Variable Closing Fee
Your Proceeds = Product priceminus Amazon Fees plus Shipping

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It looks as though VAT has been added.

You were right! They just got back to me and apologised his colleague gave me incorrect information.

They charged me
15% referral fee on item price and then added 20% VAT
15% referral fee on shipping price and then added 20% VAT
75p fee for selling the item as well.

I take it they are right to do this?? I'm not a business or company, just selling a couple of bits every few months. Do eBay do this too?

Either way it's an extortionate amount of money

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"They" as a business charge the VAT.

Its a personal bugbear of mine, as I feel businesses are not always transparent and some may even go out of their way to hide the fact it will be added. (Its great to advertise a price that does not include VAT). Misleading I call it.

Humax recently sent me an email stating a price for a freesat box. When I tried to buy at that price I was told - sorry thats the price before VAT which will be added to the final bill. I told them "Poke it"

In a way it is an additional profit stream due to the use of input/output accountancy.
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