does anyone know where i could purchase calculators, they only have to be realy basic as they are for the local primary school, the PTA is paying for them so as cheap as possible would be great


    Any pound shop or office store, you should be able to get them for less than £1 each.

    or ebay for bulk buying

    Have you checked the school supply catalogues, I work in a secondary school and I'm sure we ordered some before summer that were less than a quid each. Also worth trying Tesco or Asda as they often have them very cheap.


    You can get all sorts of stuff, with the school name printed on it, from here. You need to buy in bulk to get the really best price, but as low as 64p each…0a0

    Just been in home bargains and although you said you wanted basic they have the casio scientific type one - very old style but functions are the same as the current ones. I think they were 89p each.

    try viking direct, 10 calculators £4.99 :thumbsup:


    Basic calculators with solar are 3 for a pound in Poundland.


    try viking direct, 10 calculators £4.99 :thumbsup: … try viking direct, 10 calculators £4.99 :thumbsup: ];jsessionid=00000Ceh3lZnY3RmYjXI47VxcjI:11g06ditd?id=VK711&pr=Q29&N=2

    Erm... I think you'll find that each for that price, go ahead and put 10 in your basket.:w00t:
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