Call Of Duty 2 Game Of The Year XBOX 360

I bought this down town earlier and when I got home it looks like the normal game. Could anybody tell me if the disc and manual actually say game of the year edition on them and whether there should be an extra dvd with it?



Usually the game of the year edition has either extra maps or extra features like videos on how the game was developed, walk throughs, things like that.

Read more about it here ]http//ww…8-2

by the way, its a great game, took me ages to get the 1000 pointer on it!

think you just get a code with it to give you extra maps

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Thanks but what I mean is should the disc say game of the year edition on or something? Heres what mine looks like. Theres no code anywhere for the maps but it is preowned so Im guessing someone else has used that or something.

The maps etc are now free to download so no need to enter or have a code, from memory think theres an option in the game menu somewhere to download or it may even give you the choice to update when you go on live with it.

not sure.

Nop, the disc doesnt always say GOTY on it. Like previous reply stated, it may be a free download or something else. I wouldnt worry too much, as the additional maps are free you're not missing out on anything.

According to Amazon

Product Features
Game of the Year Edition includes:
Game of the Year packaging
Call of Duty 2 game
Behind the Scenes with developer Infinity Ward
Rangers Lead the Way, a historical account of the assault on Pointe du Hoc
Select Mission Walkthroughs with developer commentary
Production art gallery
Xbox Live Marketplace token for 2 new maps

I know CoD4 GotY just has a extra card with a code on it.

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Thanks guys. Just connected it to live. It gave me an option to download bonus maps so I guess its all gravy. Think ill probably stay off multiplayer with it though. Just got my ass wooped by some chuffin yanks!
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