call of duty 2 on pc

    looking for the above, cheers


    most likely be on C:/ProgrammeFiles/Activision/cod2.exe

    lol, I can obtain it for free, but its better to buy it :thumbsup: ]http//ww…888

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    sorry lol i want to buy it not find it on my PC, although i have got it installed but im fresh installing windows next week and my install disc for cod2 is all scratched also i want an official version for online play so i can play all games not just cracked ones. cheers birdyboy!

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    just found it at game for £12.99. didnt even think of looking there, there usually expensive compared to places like think il get from there!

    If you obtain it, its not illegal as you have the original. Thats the idea (backups) in case ur original gets scratched. You should still be able to play online if you use your cd-key with your original as thats what you paid for...

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    original was not welll......original :thumbsup: with ya! :thumbsup: :giggle:
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