Call of duty 2 V Call of duty 3

    Is it just me or does the multiplayer option in it seem a bit crap on COD3 ?

    Its not (for what iv seen) like COD2 which they should have just left alone!

    Is this why people have stuck with COD2 :?


    I'm with you, on COD3 does it take you like 500 years to find a multiplayer game?

    Sorry, can't agree. COD3 multiplayer eats COD2 for breakfast. I've spent hours and hours playing multiplayer 3 and its a much more intense experience. The maps are better, not just because of the size difference but they have so much more tactically if you decide to take advantage of it (and I'm not talking about mapmonkey antics). Vehicles and troop types make it much more varied and I have played as all types, but found my favoutrite to be the scout, but I have played many games as the medic.. honestly guys, stick with 3 and once you get to grips with the maps and the slight change of tactics needed compared to 2, I'm more or less sure that you'll enjoy it much more. There is alot more scope, for each troop type, to be a 'hero' too.. imagine the medic running down the entire length of the bridge in 'Eder Dam' to save a fallen team mate.. and then running back.. the com chatter was awesome!! Ok, joining the multiplayer games can be a mission sometimes, but I find that if a 5 star game dosn't connect straight away, go back to the MAIN menu screen and go back into multiplayer, normally sorts it out.

    However... COD3 is no where near as good in the campaign mode... but thats another story..

    Original Poster

    i wonder why they didnt just leave it the same as cod2 then, "if it isnt broke dont fix it" type thing lol

    I dont have any probs joining multiplayer games, I tend to search for team battles only then here comes the strange part, look for the weaker connections, I seem to always connect.

    Think COD3 maps are deffo more tactical than COD2, prefer to use the Scout as well, much more satisfying finding a hiding place and sitting there for hours just killing people and listneing to them wonder where you are (not using cheats either, i.e. running through walls etc)
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