Call Of Duty 4 Beta Keys - link to get them

Found 7th Sep 2007
Credit to Syzable for pointing out that EuroGamer have them…d=8 (obviously you need to register at the site if you haven't already)

16359 left as of time of posting


There are currently 11684 keys remaining for this giveaway.

this is brilliant i have activated at cod4 website now hat do you have to do?
thanks matt!
Maybe put in freebies section too?

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this is brilliant i have activated at cod4 website now hat do you have to … this is brilliant i have activated at cod4 website now hat do you have to do?thanks matt!

Now you wait for the email with the beta key - apparently they'll start being sent out from Monday (emphasis on from, it might be that you don't get the email til Wednesday or something) - be sure to keep checking your spam folder at the time in case it accidentally gets in there though.



About 4000 left!

cool 2973 left!!!!:thumbsup:

Thanks for this. V hot!!

About 2800 tokens left. Hurry!!!


cant wait for a ps3 one of these. do u get the game for free to beta test it?

you download the beta over XBox Live. Cant see that happening for the PS3 to be honest.

thanks for this

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Looks like they had another 10,000 keys added, since it now says that they have a total of 29,000 keys to give away (whereas before, it was 19,000).

Still, as of time of posting, there are 9699 left!

On it already, not bad...

There are some very competative yanks on there at the mo.

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I don't suppose anybody has got their beta key via email yet?

I haven't, but to be fair it did say from Monday...

Anywho, as of posting there are still 4054 keys left

Got mine today!

Thanks a lot for posting this. Downloading beta now. Hope it's good!

says all finished now

was anyone greedy and got more than one that wouldn't mind sharing ?? I would like one

Oh I missed it darn school! Anyone got a spare I could possibly have?

is this for the 360 ? pc ? or what ? if for the 360 count me out as i dont have one but for the pc would love to have one.

Its for 360 I guess

360 only.
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