call of duty 4 free map glitch

    can someone who already has the maps let me recover their gamertag and download load them onto my hardrive. I will give you a £2.50 amazon voucher in return


    The maps are only 400points just now.

    Yeah maps are at an all time low - I'd give you a 500 point code but recently just sold the ones I didnt need. =( Sorry dude.

    Dont think someone would give you out their username and password for their gamertag dude. :thumbsup:

    giving over your gamertag is dodgy!!

    The maps aren't all that great.

    sure you can have my account details too while your at it? no one will hand over their account to a randomer. They are as cheap as chips now anyways ask a close friend if he'll trust you with it. serious business

    why don't you tell us the glitch, give us your account, dl 1% then give you back ur account
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