Call Of Duty 4 Night Xbox 360

    hi i will be on COD4 tonight from 7.30 to 10.30.

    will set up match, anyone going on COD4 tonight

    add SuperCanaries



    I think i'll be on and will have a game (its been a while so go easy!)

    add kscottsafc

    I'm on every night (well most, when i can kick the misses upstairs) - I only play HQ though.

    CMan 82

    Bam no kids..... i'm there!

    although dont keep inviting me to a game then as soon as I leave mine you go join another Super Canaries :lol:


    What game format we going for? Team based or free for all?

    Original Poster


    What game format we going for? Team based or free for all?

    doesnt matter which is the best:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    anyone else


    I'm thinking free for all then maybe abit of HQ or team deathmatch although I will need to change my clan tag!!!

    The more the merrier!!! I should be on from about 9 as i'll kick the Missus upstairs after soap time is over!!!

    hey smeg heads. im game for a giggle. add me: Ace Hayward (how original huh)
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