Call of Duty 4 or Call of Duty WOW for Xbox 360

    I would really welcome some feedback...
    Being a new Xbox 360 owner - I will be buying Call of Duty - but both COD 4 and COD WOW are about the same price - which one would you recommend?


    I would go for COD4 personally.

    I've got COD5 but I haven't played it yet - can't really see how they can of improved on no.4.

    The campaign mode is just totally classic AND online multiplayer has the best balance of any console shooter EVER.

    Prob the best console shooter since Goldeneye.

    Well depends what you would prefer.
    For COD WOW Do you like old war fighting games. Old weapons, fighting in japan, france etc, Old uniforms old tech. although injoy using a flame thrower, more gore as shooting limbs off. On completion of game playing a extra mode..... nazi zombie's that come and attack in hundreds.?
    Or for COD 4 do you like current warfare, fighting in iraq etc, new tech, new weapons, swat style breaking into doors etc? less gore then new COD WOW although blood still visible, no flame thrower but an epic start on a huge ship in storm weather......
    Depends what you prefer, Id say if you can afford it, get both if you like first person shooting.


    Played COD5 last night and as good as it s I still prefer COD4...

    I would say COD4 then get COD5 later on when they release the updated one inc map packs or you will have to buy them afterwards

    Can't go wrong with CoD4.

    Call of Duty 4 - perfect personally


    I have both and yes I do prefer COD4, but I did notice that there was a lot less people online the other day, which is a shame as i believe it is better.

    I will carry on with COD:[email protected] though as it is still pretty good, i'm rank 37 now so the guns are getting much better and i'm enjoying it much more as I improve.

    to be honest i liked both..not sure which one more. havent played cod5 as much online as 4 but it seemed ok.

    solo campaign on it is good tho

    be good if they just added cod5 maps on cod4 for DLC...

    agree with everyone else, they are both really good games, but I prefered 4 over all.

    [size="7"]cod 4 Rocks[/size]

    I have to agree with the majority on here already. I personally own both COD4 and CODWAW and have to add that COD4 is far more enjoyable both on and offline. If anyone is like me, they have accumulated days rather than hours playing COD4 and and have enjoyed every minute. I am now in the process of selling my copy of CODWAW, the game simply is not as enjoyable as COD4. I don't know why, perhaps it the maps? Either way, don't be fooled into thinking you have to buy the newer game as COD4 is far more superior! :thumbsup:

    Please tell me you went for COD4?

    cod 4 is just... more fun.
    i like the modern machine guns, the gameplay style (i feel a difference), the maps, the attachements, the airstrike, heli, noobs who use martydom and so on. I play at late night as only then, you will get a decent challenge.

    world of war is much better in my opinion especially cause u can use tanks, amazing game


    [size="7"]cod 4 Rocks[/size]

    Amen to that brother
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