Call Of Duty 4 (PC) free map pack and 1.6 patch available now!

    Day early? anyway get it from here:…tml


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    Nice one! Cheers! PC Gaming FTW

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    Yeah, ive just bought the map pack for the PS3 grrrr! and to top it off ive decided to sell COD......again!

    PC FTW!

    I was about to SOL (scream out loud) as I thought this was for the PS3! I paid for these maps and I thought they were giving them away already!

    I can breathe easy now! :P

    You can still breathe easy even though you paid for some maps that the PC was getting free anyway? HeHe

    Reinstalling CoD4 now since I formatted I didn't install it.
    And I got that 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest! Been playing with CoD2 and its pretty good! It **** me up when I first got shot!

    this not happening with 360>?

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    Nope, Nvidia have sponsored it


    Nope, Nvidia have sponsored it

    That's just a way to make you console guys happy. Trust Nvidia properly didn't even pay for them or a very small sum!
    If they just released them free the forums would be set alight with angry console gamers moaning they have to pay £8? for some maps.

    PC gamers never had to and are never likely to pay for maps! Custom maps/mods FTW!
    Free maps/sdk tools/updates are normal for pc games.
    PR and nothing else is what the Nvidia sponsoring of the maps is. But believe what you want :whistling:

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    Yeah suppose we didn't have to pay for all the add on packs for BF2/2142.....oh wait we did!!!!!! ;P

    IW should be shot though for charging people for extra maps, its not as if they haven't made much money from this game is it lol!?
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