Call of Duty 5

    Hi i was just wondering if any know if Call of Duty 5 will be £29 like the most recent release's?

    As if it is may be worth going out my way to go and get it from there.

    Any conformation would be great if anyone know's.



    I hope so, otherwise I am getting it from Wollies - I have a £20 voucher to spend.

    Original Poster

    Yeah i have a few high street voucher's i could use at wooly's but defo worth paying £29 if it's for that price it's a steal :>

    I pre-ordered from game with loyalty points and £3 off, cost me about £6 (we had lots of loyalty points :roll:) and its gone out of my bank today so expect it'll be delivered early like the fifa was from there.

    I couldn't find it lower than that anywhere on pre-release but im sure it will be in the next few weeks somewhere, trouble is my kids cant wait when a new game comes out lol :roll:

    its not as good as cod4


    its not as good as cod4

    Based on?

    its £29.99 at my local asda i dont know if its nationwide though


    its not as good as cod4

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