Call of duty: Black Ops

    Afternoon guys and girls! Looking for the cheapest place to pre-order the above?


    RBH :-D


    I used 2 codes at tesco yesterday and got it at £33.17

    Original Poster

    what codes man?

    i would wait for the supermarket price war on release day! unless you really want it a day or two earlier than everyone else?

    There's not gone be a price war apparently

    After sainsburys surprised everyone last year I reckon Asda will come in and do the same this year!!, £25 all in.
    XV044 = free del
    ZZ018 = £20 off first order. can pay via paypal also.

    leeleeleelee, £25 all in.XV044 = free delZZ018 = £20 off first order. c …, £25 all in.XV044 = free delZZ018 = £20 off first order. can pay via paypal also.

    thanks for that... does anyone know what Woolworth pre orders are like?

    them Woolworths ones are invalid now lol.. unlucky..

    ZZ551 code for gets it down £33.95..

    thats what im going with.. before they change it like Woolworths did.. i think Woolworths are cancelling all their orders that have used the codes?
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