Call of Duty... Can someone tell me what the fuss is?!

    There have been soooooooo many threads/deals etc about this game, I'm wondering... what's the big deal?! Anyone care to enlighten me?!


    Its good.

    imagine a pop star is staying at a hotel and loads of screaming pubescent girls are there

    its like that but hairy people in anoraks


    Its good.


    yep, it's very good :thumbsup:

    At last...

    You either play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or you live long enough to see yourself become the villan.

    Might as well of asked about the fascination with breasts.


    At last...

    Do you want me to expire or spam...........................or would you rather start a thread about COD that you can take credit for?.....:oops:



    I'm not a fan but it's a good game.Don't like the online play; Hate all that run about and die 100 times nonsense, just to get a kill-count high-score at the end.
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