call of duty infinity with remastered supermarket instore deals

Anyone know if supermarket launch day call of duty infinity with remastered deals?


Tesco normally do an offer where you get the game and Xbox/psn credit for a set price.. dunno if they will do it this year tho.

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Smyths seem the best instore at £63.99 but with download speeds first night want to download during the day while at work but can't make it to midnight so it's a choice risk supermarkets at 5am or just get the credit from cdkeys and download from Xbox store works out £72.18 after 5% Facebook code

I think the Supermarkets deals we had in the past maybe over. If you look at the Fifa 17 launch, a lot of people were hoping for good supermarket deals, but were left disappointed. For example, Sainsbury's have in the past done a spend £30 instore and get game for £25/28/30, however this year on Fifa 17, it was a straight £40. Cheapest Fifa 17 supermarket deal was Morrisons @ £38, Tesco was £42.

So based on the fact that Fifa and CoD are some of the the biggest game launches each year, and judging by how the Fifa offers materialised, I personally don't think the Supermarkets will do the deals we had in the past.

I've already ordered mine digitally via PlayStation store, and using the O2 payg Sim trick, only cost me £50 for the full digital deluxe game including season pass and COD4 remastered.
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what's the o2 dim trick ?



There's a link highlighted in blue in my earlier post.

Check out the 1st post under top comments for how to do it. Very simple and works, double your money..........

Don't forget to order your Sim via Topcashback or Quidco for another £5 back.
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