call of duty legacy edition help

    could anyone help me please?

    if I own the digital version of infinite warfare and I buy the legacy version on disc could I still play MWR if I sell the disc and keep the digital version on my ps4?



    Only if you buy the legacy edition digitally also.

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    Ah OK thanks. I was going to get the physical copy and sell on the disc.


    Only if you buy the legacy edition digitally also.

    ​Are you sure? The disc wouldn't be needed if the game was on the system, that's as far as I'm aware. Probably best to wait for an answer off somebody who has tried and tested.


    My understanding is that MWR for the PS4 is a download code. So you could get the legacy edition, redeem the code for MWR, be able to play it as you already have IW on your PS4. Then sell the disk, you'd not get a great deal for it as the MWR code has been used.

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    thanks for the help I don't know whether to try it or not
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