Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 2 Campaign

    Anybody think its a bit short? its so amazing but just wish it could be a little longer

    ive casually been playing it for a few days and ive completed it tonight, there seems to be special ops games so that might make me happier

    whats other peoples views on the game? (when it comes out that is)


    Its all about multiplayer online play anyway

    I played cod4 for over a year solid ONLINE only

    Ive never played the ACTUAL game..... in any of the series....

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    I wish i could play it online, my university blocks me plugging in my ps3 its rubbish! i dont know how to get round it either!

    what i'd do to play it online

    Invest in a dongle or move out to a student flat

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    urmm dongle might be the way forward but that'd be a lot of money lol

    did you need to start this thread ? almost a spoiler for the people actually waiting till tomorrow to get the game to find out for themselves!

    Could you not connect a router to your room port and spoof the mac address of your pc onto it and then connect the ps3?

    Only a guess, there was no broadband when I was in uni.

    I also thought it was too short. Again playing casual abd completed in 5/6 hours
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