Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - America/England/France/Germany Teasers

    Links on next post.


    that is one crap trailer

    I could of made that myself in 10 minutes

    Another year, another COD game. Yawn.


    that is one crap trailer

    Several crap trailers.
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    They're teasers, not trailers. However, just watch some MW2 trailers - it's going to be the same with a bit of extra gloss and extra explosions.

    MW is a decent enough game.. I enjoyed playing through the single player, even though it takes no time at all. The online experience is awful though, due to kids and hacking. The most overrated game series of this generation, without a doubt.

    Did you really have to post the french, german and american version?

    But one great thing is they are bringing back the MP5 of CoD 4.

    I can't wait for this bad boy. I do honestly believe they'll make everything that got slated about modern warfare 2 and make it better. I did like mw1 and 2. Black ops doesn't do it for me. Only good thing was zombies and the classified shotguns dual wield and g11 assault rifle (awesome gun). I never really got into any of the treyarch series. They all felt the same. Played Mw2 much more than any of others.
    Just wish Psn would hurry up back, can't get used to these xbox controllers!!

    Hope it blows everyone and everything away and silences the critics.
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