Call of duty modern warfare remastered

Is there anyway to get the modern warfare remastered without buying the whole package? I just want that TBH. If so where is the cheapest. Thanks


nope ,,, from what ive read its not even code it downloads after you have installed the game so maybe borrow the new cod infinity ,

wouldn't do any good. Activision have stated that to play the remaster the disc for infinite warfare has to be in the console to be able to play it. :-( it's a shame really as they would probably make more money selling the remaster than the new cod.

@OP only way to play it atm is to get the legacy pack or higher. hopefully after a few months they might release MW as a standalone game. (that's what I'm hoping anyway) but for now you would have to buy the full game.

Yeah I'm hoping the realse it on its own, stupid idea of them to only have it with the new game. I'd pay for it on its own but not with the new CoD I've lost hope in them.
Think of how many other thousands of people like us will be saying the same, bad move by Activision.

But also think of the people that will buy the game just to play MW Remastered. That's what they're banking on

It's hardly a stupid idea considering everyone and their nan said online they were gunna buy then sell off IW.

Said all along it'll be same as the Ubisoft carry on with AC free with Revelations on ps3 in fact you need the disc.

At the moment, no. I'd like to think that they will see their error of the ways and allow people to buy cod remastered on its own
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