Call of Duty or Battlefield?

    Thinking whether to buy Call of Duty Infinite Warfare or Battlefield 1, but wondering what's the best choice?

    Also what's your opinions? (Multiplayer online/story mode/gameplay)


    BF1 everyday of the week
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    definitely Battlefield


    Call of duty erryday

    Battlefield hands down, played a few call of duty games over the years and had my first battlefield experience with 1. I regret not playing the others instead of cod

    None both have gone downhill

    None: Titanfall

    Battlefield easily!

    Bf1 is great, not played the new cod, my friend has both on pc and say the new cod offers nothing new and is one of the worst to date? I can only recommend bf1,

    Being impartial here; they're not very comparable.

    Call of Duty is a fast twitch shooter which is easily played alone and Battlefield is slower, more methodical and promotes teamwork.

    If you've played older titles then you should already know what you prefer.

    Got history with BF series and love it? BF1.

    Did you like CoD in previous years? Titanfall 2 (Its the best 'arcadey' FPS out there right now, plus free DLC!)

    Same as previous two posters. BF1 for slow team based tactical shooter or titanfall 2 for fast twitch based shooter. skip cod this year. My opinion of course

    if you are looking for fast placed FPS shooter playing on your own go for titanfall 2. if you have a team of players and want to play with them as a team o large maps with different vehicles go for BF1. new CoD is very very similar to advanced warfare. I played beta and decided that I am not going to pay full price of a new game for something that looks and feel like DLC. and I see that I am not the only one. see how fast the price of new CoD fell down.

    Titanfall 2 is amazing and a great FPS

    Do you want fast paced gun play with futuristic weapons, double jumping and perks? Or do you want slower squad based combat using single action rifles? Want to be a lone wolf, or work as a team?

    If it's fast solo gun play, go for Titanfall 2 over COD. CoD is fine, but everything is done better by TF2.

    If you want squad play and older weapons, go BF1, but it's a lot more frustrating because most maps are open empty bowls, perfect for snipers to sit on the edges and have full coverage of the map. Whist the game, and what's considered the single player is well put together, playing with randoms can be just stupid!

    Battlefield all day long brilliant graphics

    TBH there really isn't much difference between the 2 (other than time obviously) but the wind Is in favour of battlefield this time around and everyone is saying that the less popular cod is crap despite it being a nearly identical to all the other cod games that they bought

    If you want to try a battlefield game you can get battlefield 4 really cheap instead of paying full-whack for the new game. It's a brilliant game with plenty of people still playing online, if it's not to your taste you only waste £5-10 instead of £25-35


    CoD is like a game of pool, small and quick to play, no vehicles
    BF1 is like a game of snooker, much bigger and a lot of options, lots of vehicles

    Both good in their own way but BF1 is the better choice in my opinion.

    I haven't played either but my friend is a COD fan, and he has been raving about Battlefield.

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    Got history with BF series and love it? BF1.Did you like CoD in previous … Got history with BF series and love it? BF1.Did you like CoD in previous years? Titanfall 2 (Its the best 'arcadey' FPS out there right now, plus free DLC!)

    I've always played cod, mainly all the black ops, but the reviews for Battlefield 1 seem too good that I'm considering having to switch lol

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    Looks like I'm getting Battlefield 1 people X) thanks for the replies and reviews
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