Call of Duty Remastered Prop Hunt returns! Only until the 1st of May

Posted 29th Apr 2017
For those that don't know, Prop Hunt is a new game mode that was added for April Fools. It became very popular people asked the developers to make it permanent. It is a hide and seek game mode which is really good!

For those that did play it and enjoyed it, here's some improvements.
Introducing Prop Killcam

Killcams are one of the quintessential features of Call of Duty. They celebrate the game-winning kills at the end of matches, and reward players who have the skills to get these crucial, and sometimes flashy, plays. It’s a mainstay of Call of Duty videos online, with montages full of these impressive testaments to player skill.
With this update, the Killcam is coming to Prop Hunt. So now those montages will be filled with the most impressive table and chair jukes ever seen in gaming today. This update is also here to troll those hunters who are taken down by props, as they need to know that their modern military weapons are no match for a mighty wooden box or a well-worn couch.

Health, XP, and Other Bugs Fixed
Along with bringing the Killcam to Prop Hunt, Raven has tweaked a few things as well. These changes range from adding a “still alive” bonus for props so that they gain XP while hiding, to fixing a blood overlay glitch so that hunters can have less strawberry jam on their screen when searching for props.

Here’s the full list of fixes made:
-Fixed props appearing during the final score screen.
-Fixed an issue where the final whistle would not always display properly.
-Turned off health regen for props.
-Restore hunter’s health to 100 if they are low, to prevent blood overlay.
-Increased XP gain for kills as a hunter.
-Created a still alive XP gain for props.
-Fixed blood overlay sorting issue on UI.
-Fixed No XP gain if player does not damage a prop.…539
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