Call of duty WW2. Avoid VERY if you want your beta access.

    Just a heads up not a deal but important info if you have or was thinking of using VERY for your preorder to gain beta access.

    I inquired about when the access codes would be sent, It took them over a week to reply as they had sent my query 'to the right' department.

    Below is copy/pasted reply.

    Thank you for your email, we do apologise for the delay in the response.
    Please be advised that the item will be billed onto your account immediately
    after ordering. The code should arrive with the package if not than within 7 days
    after receiving it. Thank you for your enquiry.

    last updated: 14/07/17 08:10 by Support

    End copy/paste.

    So anyone who has preordered expect your beta code with the game on release or up-to 7 days after.

    It took them over a week and being passed to the right department to come up with that.

    I don't want to see people miss the beta as once its gone its gone.

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    I avoid call of duty so I am safe

    You could have stopped at avoid very


    I usually go with Amazon for beta access codes, they send them out promptly and you can then cancel the order if you want to

    You could have stopped at avoid very

    Another post adding, just avoid very.

    I avoid call of duty so I am safe
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