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What places do you use online to get your supplies, i am after acrylic paints and other supplies. Seems prices in shops seem to be going up and wondered if there are good shops online that are not eBay?

Out of curiosity what medium do you use? Show off if your brave and good enough lets see some work!


f you have a look back over the weekend it seems there were alot of art things on the cheap there! Type in WHSmith in search - I think thts were it all was!

yes wh smiths had dropped their prices by 50% for most of their arty stuff

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Thanks i actually have looked at these, but i am after certain colour acrylic paints (and other stuff too) this is not reduced in WhSmiths sadly. Just wondered some place online for paint, paper and canvas.

Can't be the only one that enjoy painting and drawing?

i use alot of acrylic too.. i only really get my stuff from the 'artshop' in my town or ebay for the pencils and stuff, sadly thats all i know of for cheaper...ive yet to find some cheap warehouse of goodies lol so i shall look out for a good answer!
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