Calling all Blood Donors

    Anyone out there work for Blood Transfusion Service?

    Gave blood Saturday.

    No problem as usual.

    Asked for gauze and micropore instead of plaster because since they changed them last year I've had an allergic reaction - bruising, skin weeping, itchy etc. - three times!

    I got the impression that the NHS have adopted these new plasters without proper trials and that shaff are keen to go back to the old type.

    Anyone else had the same problem?


    I prefer the new type of plasters, much nicer and leave less residue (if any)

    I preferred the old micropore, easy to get off.

    Good on you Cannyscot !

    I regular give blood and wish more folk would do so.

    I gave blood for the first time last week and couldn't believe that only 5% of people who can give blood do so.

    As for the plasters- I didn't like the one they used- it was itchy (although I do suffer from eczema) and I ended up taking it off an hour after they put it on!!
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