Calling all bus drivers!

    Can you please put me straight on a bus rule with regard to free travel for under 5's?

    Took the bus today with 3 of my mindees all under 5 and my 5 year old son. I paid the fare for me and juniorbiscuits which was fine until I was getting off when the bus driver said (in a pretty rough manner) 'see the next time your getting the bus, your only allowed two under 5's for free' I asked him to repeat this as I was a bit confused cos I had never head the rule before. Repeat it he did, even harsher than before and said 'the rule is only two kids per adult get free travel so in future, make sure you pay the correct fare'

    I was really embarrassed but also confused as to why he didn't charge me getting on the bus. So is this true or was he being obnoxious for fun?? No other driver has ever charged me for under 5's.



    Under 5's

    Up to two children under 5 may travel free with each fare paying /pass holding passenger.

    Yes he is right and some bus companies only allow 1 child to travel free with a fare paying adult. If you get on with your tribe of 5, you will be taking up seats that should be paid for, whereas the free child can sit on your lap if they are allowed to travel for free and the bus fills up. My daughter has to pay 75p (each way) for 5 stops to school but after 4pm she can use her card and travel for 40p anywhere in the City.

    I wonder why he didn't charge you when you got on and why this has never happened before. I take it the bus wasn't busy?
    strange, but then most bus drivers are

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that guys! I honestly did not know there was a ruling on this kind of thing!!!
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