Calling All Chefs....

What can I do with ...........

Chicken Breast

(amongst the normal other kitchen stuff)



Bin the lot and phone a curry

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Bin the lot and phone a curry

i did that last neet (well, put everything in the fridge) and rang chinese... :thumbsup:

wrap the bacon around the chicken (keep it in place with a tooth pick) and fry the potatoes and add the garlic

wrap the chicken in the bacon, make the tatys into roasts and stick it all in the oven

not sure if it would be nice but you could chop the chillies, garlic and ginger up and put it inside the chicken breast then wrap it in bacon and make some mash.

wrap the chicken in bacon and cook, top with melted cheeese, serve with jacket potato and salad, yum, keep your garlic etc for another day.

chicken, potatoe and bacon curry but im indian so i have to say that haha

could do a stirfry maybe if you add some noodles to the list, so maybe a chicken pasta salad with bacon and chilli/garlic/ginger to give it a kick?

Chicken Curry with Bombay Potatoes

Chicken Breast,Chillies,Garlic,Ginger
Chop all these and fry off with some curry powder & tomato puree if you have it (or ketchup) when the chicken has coloured add some flour,cook out a little then add some chicken stock, and simmer for 25mins..

Dice the potatoes and the bacon & some onion fry off with a little curry powder and some of the chillies,finish them in the oven for bout 15mins

God i'm hungry

Hammer chicken until flat . cook bacon. Dice bacon. Mix the chillies, Ginger and bacon with Philli chese or quark. spoon on chicken and roll up. Bake in oven at 160 for about 40 mins. Dice the Potatoes par boil then place on a baking tray either spray or brush with oil, crush garlic on top. Bake. Or fry potatoes off with Garlic.

What did you do ??

Crush the garlic chop the chillies very finely grate a little ginger or dont use it at all fry in hot oil add the diced chicken breast, For the potatoes mash them add sour cream butter milk mash them into a puree. On second thoughts i probably wouldnt mix ginger garlic and chillies with potatoes.

Original Poster


What did you do ??

philli, chicken in bacon and roast pots hmmmmmmmmmm


philli, chicken in bacon and roast pots hmmmmmmmmmm

dude, you should have made a smoothie
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