calling all choc lovers!

    can anyone remember the name of a packet of chocs that used to be around. ok so the packet was white and brown i think they were similar to minstrals but they were white and dark choc i think if they were white shell then it would be normal choc and when it was brown shell there was white choc inside???

    16 Comments know what you mean but cant visualise the packets just the choccies were called vice versa just googled it…_as

    I think you are talking about VicaVersas and they were amazing!

    ViceVersas! Awesome!

    Yeah deffo ViceVersas, i loved them always eating them lol



    They were well nice

    I often think i cud fancy a packet of them! Nestle say not enough sales and to much high production cost stopped them making them!!

    I feel a petition coming on lol

    Original Poster

    yeah thats it i loved them why did they stop doing them ooooooooohhhhhhhhh seeing them makes me want them even more now

    Yeah I'll sign that!

    yucky! white choc sucks!

    I was initially thinking of Galaxy Counters, they were delicious. Galaxy chocolate covered with white chocolate and then had a number printed on the top.

    Mmmm, yummy, i remember these.

    Time for a campaign, if people can get Wispas back, then we can get Vice Versas back :thumbsup:

    i hate chocolate

    I was talking about these the other day, used to love them

    MMMMMM these were soooo yummy, come back vice versas, we miss you

    I don't remember those at all!!! :thinking:
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