Calling all computer experts

Got this annoying thing with my laptop.

When i open IE it wont find my homepage or any page when i open another IE it will work. It basically works everytime the SECOND time i open a window. To clarify If i open a IE window it wont find ANYTHING if i leave that as it is and open another IE window it works FINE. However if i open a IE window and it doesnt work so i close it and open another IE that wont work. Ive tried IE 7 and IE 8 same issues.

Also if im online for over 1 hour or more MSN will not log me in. But as soon as i turn my laptop on if i log into MSN within 1 hour it works. Done the troubleshooter on msn and it tests for any problems but stalls on checking KEY PORTS are open. As soon as i restart my laptop msn is fine again to log in.

The above has been proven OVER AND OVER again not just a 1 off.

IE 8

Im guessing its a port issue with my new D-link router? How do i open them?


the avg web/link scanner components used to cause some problems for me with pages not always loading so you could try disabling those components. I don't know about the MSN thing tho. try a 3rd party client like pidgin see if you can connect to the msn network via that. if you can then it must be a software problem

I think the issue you have with MSN will be an option on the router. On my Netgear it is called 'Advertisement Period' in 'UPNP' options not sure what they call it on Dlink. Basically it is how long those ports will stay open for before they shut off and require you to reinitiate the connection. If you look in your router configuration settings or manual you will probably be able to find it, it is one of the only things that mentions 'minutes' as the input.

It could also be related to your software firewall on your PC if you are using a third party one.

The IE issue could probably be most easily overcome by using a browser like Firefox or Chrome. There is probably a fix for it but it will take a little more work than just installing a better browser.
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