Calling all computer fans!!! I need help choosing the best wifi printer!!! Please help!!!

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Found 10th May 2009
I am looking to buy a wifi printer (with scanner so that I can use it for a photocopier as well).

Please help!!!

I don't want to settle for just any and there are things I need to consider.

*Overall cost.
*Availability and price of the toners?
*Size of toner - is it cost effective to buy a printer that takes tiny toners?
*Is it a good model / does it have good reviews?

Is there any other things that I should consider in my search?

I understand that there are a lot of models out there.....but I am reluctant to go too cheap because you do pay for what you get a lot of the time? I don't want to but something that will cause me issues in later months....

I don't think I want to settle for the supermarket models - as they are obviously mostly end-of-stock models? Experience has shown me that it can often be hard to find toners for models that are older...

Once I know the model then I can look at trying to get the best deal.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can give!!!


I went for a HP PHOTOSMART C6100 a year ago for about £100 or £130 forgot now.

Either way its been faultless for me and you can pick inks up so cheap about £5/£6 for full set.

Its also a fax machine, scanner all in 1 basically.

Highly recommend this.

If you're going for a wifi printer because it's going to be shared by several computers (rather than because you have something against wires) then software is a very important consideration. I went for one of the earliest wifi all-in-ones and the software is pretty poor, it doesn't offer an easy way to save a stack of scanned documents to files, you have to find an image program that won't balk at taking multiple files and then save the images individually. It's also trouble printing when the ink is low, requiring you to press a button on the printer for every print job!

Oh, and speaking of scanning. A document scanner/automatic document feeder is invaluable if the printer is far away since having to move between the printer and scanner for each single page would be a nightmare.
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