Calling all Courier experts!

    I have a box, 27kg in weight containing a computer monitor.

    Needs shipping within UK, and dimensions are 50 x 50 x 59cm's

    Whats the cheapest cost to ship it please? I know some of you have some great resources, and some nice rep to the winner is promised




    Try parcel2go you can earn £2 via Quidco. They seem cheap enough too.

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    The person i'm sending this to asked that I didn't send it via parcel2go as lots of things get lost and damaged by them

    No one else has any ideas? So far I've found ] seem to be the cheapest at £10.99 for 2 day delivery...

    hi i dont know how they can say lots get damaged as it is not parcel 2 go that personally deliver them it is dhl i think and they have another company also now which means you can send big parcels for 6.99

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    Yes thats sort of the problem, DHL are known for playing football with their packages!

    ok but as i say they do use another company aswell now but i dont know what they are like they may like playing rugby with them lol

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    [SIZE=2]thanks [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]the first you mentioned seems to be the cheapest I have found so far, so I believe I will ship it with them.[/SIZE]

    I use P4D nearly every day. The only problem I've ever had was no pick up last night, but when they picked up the Parcels tonight they had been upgraded to 24, F O C. Use yorkie in the discount box for a 5% discount.
    You will not be able to insure glass for damage with any Courier only for loss.
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