Calling all golfers.

    Looking to buy some new golf clothing i.e. polo shirts, waterproof jacket etc. and was wondering if my fellow hotukdealers had any good suggestions for web-sites?



    keep it down,don't you know its their rest time..........

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    cheers for that, some good gear.

    Polos are polos really, just make sure you look for high poly blends.
    TBH if you dont care about brands, hit sports direct.. It's not the nicest place in the world to be, but their prices are good and you can get some decent quality stuff.

    Don't be sucked into golf branding for golf's sake.

    I use American golf and tkmax have some great golf clothing.

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    I use American golf and tkmax have some great golf clothing.

    tk max it is tomorrow then......cheers


    tk max it is tomorrow then......cheers

    I've picked up some nice abacus waterproofs recently from there at bargain prices, good place to go. Also onlinegolf do some good deals.
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    Don't kit yourself out in Nike unless you want to be ridiculed at the club!

    JJB sports near me had all stock at buy one get one free including clubs etc. Store specific but your local store may be doing the same deal as some stores are being closed.

    Sportsdirect have some stuff on there but don't know if the prices are competitive as I only buy occasionally.


    And that's a childs club
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