Posted 7th Jan 2023
Hi all!

I am looking for a half decent amp for home use that I can plug a mic and guitar/instrument into at the same time. Are these called busking amps?

My budget would be around £200, but the cheaper I can go the better, if possible.

Does anyone own or can recommend a capable amp please?

Many Thanks! 🏻
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    I'm not musical at all but my son is big into his guitars and swears by his Line 6 spider amp...many of his friends use the same
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    Original Roland Micro Cube should do you fine has guitar and mic input plus headphone and can be used with batteries
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    Might be worth going down the Digital route for cheapness, I bought a audio interface where I can plug multiple instruments into then connect to my Macbook using Bias FX 2 or Amplitube 5 where there multiple amps and pedals at your disposal instead of spending loads and loads on gear. Yeah I admit it's never the same as real powerful amp but if your budget is £200 then this might be something worth looking at.
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    Try something like the roland mobile cube amp or if it's acoustic and vox and the roland mobile acoustic chorus . Either have decent versatility and should do the job.

    Not done an exhaustive search but this seems a decent price for new.…BwE

    or the Acoustic Chorus…c=1

    Or if you go second hand you can pick up a cube street for give or take £130-£150.00 that'll do a better job..
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