Calling all healthy eaters and health freaks!

    I need your help! Basically I work at Sainsbury and during Lunch Breaks I just eat junk. Sandwiches, crisps and cola. I want to eat healthy. Anything to be honest. Should be low calories and low fat and maybe high in protein but I cant seem to think of anything even though I work there and am surrounded by food! Any suggestions? I have access to boiling water and a microwave if that helps.. :P


    Have a big breakfast in the morning. Porridge - Scrambled eggs & bacon - Museli and yoghurt - Yoghurt and fruit, any of these.

    Take in fruit for your 10am snack - Banana, apple pear etc.

    Either make your own soup, and take some in for your lunch, or just have a "healthy shake" for your lunch, and some more fruit at about 3pm.

    Then you can come home and have a nice healthy dinner. Fish & rice, soups, salads.


    1 month - 10 pounds lighter easy!

    Cold noodles with chilli infused oil and spring onions is nice, have a tin of fish on the side.
    make japanese rice balls in advance and have them with a salad and smoked salmon.
    Instead of a sandwich have a ploughman's lunch of crusty bread, cheese, fruit or veg and maybe a hard boiled egg.

    With chilli con carne in a wrap you can't go wrong.

    I cook a load a chicken breasts at the beginning of the week and have them with salad for lunch. I also boil eggs at home and take them to work. Don't be lazy, prepare it at home

    Chicken off the hot food counter . Whole meal roll . Bag of salad .

    I've been making couscous for lunches, and you can make several days worth in one go too.
    Dried couscous 40-50g pour over 60-75ml boiling chicken stock. When cooled, fluff with a fork then add pesto (red or green), cubed; cucumber, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, olives and red or orange pepper. A drizzle of lemon juice and sprinkle with pine nuts. Yum!
    Sometimes I have a buttered pitta with it too if I'm really hungry.

    miso soup

    Mars bars and chocolate dumplings with custard creams and trifle.

    Cheese rolls for desert.


    Rice and Peas

    The Butterfield diet…ZGU
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    lol hoisin crispy owl and bonbonbonbons

    This was me 6 months ago. Look at me now! oO
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