Calling all Hifi buffs!

    I have a small dilemma that I would like some advice on in terms of speaker selection.

    I've narrowed my choice down to tannoy dc6 (standmount/bookshelf) and dc6t (tower/floorstanding). After buying stands, the bookshelfs come out 125 cheaper.

    The room is approx 3.5m across and the speakers would be on this wall. The listening position would be 3m back from this wall but slightly offset about half a meter to one side.

    In terms of amp, I've got a 2 channel teac ar600 which is good for 90w x2 at 8 ohms.

    Currently it's paired with a set of eltax symphony 8.3 (curry's special - don't laugh). The woofers blew at a long Party a few years back and I deemed it acceptable to replace the woofers with maplins own (don't laugh any more than you were already!).

    Music range is varied, and I'm after clarity at normal to low listening levels, with the occasional blast. The wall the speakers will be next to is the adjoining wall to my neighbour.

    Thanks for the advice if you got this far! :-)

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    Go to Richer Sounds wit a few of your own cd's and audition a few mate before you buy.....also some good speaker bargains on this website recently.
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