Calling all medical doctors and randoms with views

    I am not crazy fit but can walk for a long time with no issues and my weight is right for my height - however as soon as i start walking up a slope my calfs ache really bad and want to seize up. This aint normal, as soon as i start walking down they release and no more pain.

    Anyone know a type of medical term this could be?

    Yes i know i could go to my doctor... if it was bothering me that much then i would. I dont get out of breath.


    Maybe you are just using muscles that you don't normally use? my bet is that if you done if often enough this would go away? but I am no Dr. so .....
    Why not talk to your dr. to put your mind at rest?

    wear a pair of heels when walking uphill saves your muscle having to stretch so much lol

    Your calves have to do more work in order for you to walk up a slope than just walking on flat ground / walking downhill. Maybe you just have to do exercises that work the calves more (walking up the slope itself is making them work harder).

    havent got a clue but maybe that is why some people walk up slopes backwards?!

    I reccommend you avoid hills! :whistling:

    Original Poster

    thanks all, i can walk backwards fine, but for some reason people look at you funny in this society. Guess too many years sitting playing computer games has tightened my tedons etc


    Eat your RDA of sodium

    when sitting playing computer games flex your foot up to stretch the muscle and hold for 10 seconds and repeat as many times as you can
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