Calling all Supreme Commanders

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Found 19th Feb 2007
Hey, so there must be a few likeminded HUKD'rs feverishly playing the recently released Supreme Commander on the PC?

I'm not exactly ready to take anyone on as I've literally just installed it but be good to organise an 8-way match at some point

I'm actually having a few worries though as I'm sure my laptop is reaching combustion point playing this game. Having briefly tried out the Beta I'd been hoping I wouldn't have the problem with the retail product but alas no.

It's strange as I haven't had issues with titles like F.E.A.R or Company of Heroes pushing my system to worrying temperatures. Could it be anything to do with dual core optimisation taking place?

System: 1.66 Dual Core, 256mb dedicated X1600, 1gb RAM.

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im up for that fella, as soon as it arrives :thumbsup:

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I'd better get some practice in this evening :whistling:

Id like that too when I get it.

Would also love a game of zero hour if anyones got that?

i played the beta, try a 3v3 or 6 player game max otherwise a 30 minute game will last 3 hours if you catch my drift
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