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Hi guys,

Can any of you recommend any tattoo creams to bring the blackness back out of a tattoo. I know you can get some re-juvenating creams, just wondered if any of them actually work ?


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I keep meaning to get a tat done but cant bring myself to face the pain :oops:

benpanthen is good. It will help it heal quick Wont help the colour tho

Tattoo Goo is meant to be great

The only way that I know to bring back the blackness is to have it re-done.

Exfoliating and creams only make it seem a little sharper for a few days at most.

According to the tattooists I have spoken to creams are are a short term fix

just draw over it with a sharpie


just draw over it with a sharpie

lol! great advice:-D




benpanthen is good. It will help it heal quick Wont help the colour tho

I agree

Only way to make it blacker is to have it re-worked. NO creams will work. To keep the colour for longer when healing use a *thin* layer of Bepanthen (nappy rash cream available from anywhere really) over the tattoo once or maybe twice a day. DON'T do it just after a shower as the cream is quite thick and will pull the scabs off, pulling out the colour.

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lol, nice one guys.

There not fading, but obviously not as black as they used to be. I was just thinking I need to look after them a bit better !!

I'll have a look at the Goo - thanks

Just let it be, it will always fade as fresh skin is slowly produced.

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Tattoo Goo is meant to be great

Bought some for a fiver, can only try.

Rep left

bepanthen helps it heal without scabbing the only way to bring back colour is to have it washed through again, best thing to stop it fading over time is sun block as it's the sun which makes it fade as it emeits the same sort of rays as they use when you have lazer surgery to remove them the newer the tat the more important it is to keep it protected.
as long as it was looked after when it was healing it should fade much if it does go back as most places will go over it free of charge as long as it's been looked after

3 things to stop fading experienced tatto artist to apply tattoo (yes makes a serious difference) , care for it when its healing (bepanthen, washed properly etc)..KEEP IT OUT OF THE SUN!!! :thumbsup:

oh.. tattoo goo is for the healing of new tattoos innit? same as bepanthen... aint gonna revive one
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