Calling any plumbers - radiator fixings

    in our new build house the plumbers have used self drilling plasterboard fixings for heavy oversized radiators, when I apply slight pressure the rads come loose so I'm well angry, what fixings should they have used on stud and drylined walls, they must be dense if they think this is acceptable, feel like ramming some copper pipe where it might hurt!!


    hallow wall fixings or if rad has come off fix a wood or mdf pattress to wall first then fit rad brackets…jpg

    o/h says spring toggles...they open at the back of the plasterboard


    I'm in a new build home and they're literally falling over themselves to correct, repair, replace anything not quite right. Have you done a snagging list? Are they members of the NHBC? We've been given a survey to fill in on our home from them and the home builder is itching to get full marks on it so there's a bit of leverage too.

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    thanks for help, I will speak to main builders about it, they contracted work to plumbers, we are not yet in the house and still owe stage payment so have the ace card
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