Calling Any SAP Purchasing/Finance Expert!!!

    Hi All

    Any advice on the following would be appreciated.

    A PO has been raised for 1 line with multiple account assignment (4 different cost centres), this PO was then receipted and created for receipts. The correct accounting documents were also created at this point.

    We've then had a number 8 separate Invoices come in against the PO and i cannot make out what is happening with the accounting entries, they just don't tie up.

    Total Value of PO £12,915.74
    Total Receipt Value £12,915.74
    Total Invoice Value to date £11,948.94

    Accounting Entries
    Receipts GR/IR Account -£12,915.74 correct
    Receipts Expense Account £12,915.74 correct
    Invoices GR/IR Account -£142,073.06 ???
    Invoices Expense Account £154,022.00 ???

    The first invoice which was posted had the following entries:

    Invoice Net Value = £920.98
    Invoice Total = £1,082.15
    (1 Account Assignment)

    Accounting Entries:

    Vendor Cr £1,082.15
    GR/IR Dr £12,915.74
    Expense Account Cr £11,994.76
    VAT Dr £161.17

    Please also note that the Purchase Order was raised in the SRM module.

    Any help is much appreciated.



    don't know but ...

    £154,022.00 ???

    - £142,073.06 ???

    = Total Invoice Value to date £11,948.94

    Is it possible your expenses account is cummulative (i.e. taking all invoice credits against a vendor) and showing you the total agains this vendor, not just on teh ones from your most recent PO / Receipt / Invoice? This is a general accounting practice I've seen when the finance function does not want to have to write checks back to the vendors- rather keep a pot of credit which can be called off against the vendor in the future?

    Given you've got SRM (presumably interacting with ECC) you may need to check cross-systems for visibility of all documents producing these results.

    Other possibilities affecting the totals can be cost variances for foreign currency purchases, contracts / agreed discounts which don't show up on purchase documents or split frieght charges which would may see large freight costs being split across multiple PO's.

    Original Poster

    many thanks for your reply I will investigate
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