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Posted 29th Nov
I am looking for a Gaming PC for my son who is 11 and mainly plays fortnite. What would be a good pre-built or self build PC for around £500. I don't need a monitor or kb or mouse.
I've seen systems with GTX1660s on Ebay but with older i7s and DDR3, small SSD etc. would they be a good choice? does the newness of the processor make much of a difference? ie i7 series 2 versus the latest?
I know i want SSD after seeing the difference it makes to my other non-gaming machines.
All opinions gratefully received.
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No good.
CPU too old.
You should be looking at pre built with Ryzen 5 2600 with RX580 for that budget.
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Not a direct recommendation but take a look over here. That should give you some idea of what your budget can get you. You can fiddle with the components to hit the right number but it's a good starting point. Once you have a better idea of what you're after then take a look around the other retailers to see if you can spot a bargain.

Check the deals on here too once you have some more information. Personally I'd agree with the Ryzen and AMD card approach. 570 or 580 (think the 570) is still the best 'price-per-FPS' card out there. Maybe jump to the 580 if there's wiggle room or some title recommends or needs it.

Also Logical Increments.
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Forgot to mention, new GTX 1650 super is similar performance as RX 580 but using less power.

Worth considering.
Definitely bang for buck Ryzen at that price with an AMD B450 Motherboard.
My kids play Fortnite very happily on an i3 2120 with a gtx 750ti which I put together from used components for around about 150 quid. Now this is a couple of years old, and I bet you could do something with a 1050ti for around the 300 mark. Don't get bogged down in a crazy gaming pc, get something with a couple of gens older processor and put a low power requirements graphics card in it, something like a 1050 ti, or a 1650.
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Cisco06060629/11/2019 13:43

Forgot to mention, new GTX 1650 super is similar performance as RX 580 but …Forgot to mention, new GTX 1650 super is similar performance as RX 580 but using less power.Worth considering.

I built a new rig a couple of years ago when GPU prices were ridiculously high, partially no thanks to data mining. Managed then to get a second hand RX480 for a reasonable price at the time which is fairly comparable to the RX580...downside I regret currently compared to Nvidia is with emulation.

Current lack of Vulken drivers with poor optimisation with Open GL in Radeon cards, really impatiently waiting for it all to catch up....worth the consideration for anyone considering building a new rig and the Nvidia/Radeon options.
I would go Ryzen with Vega 56 or 64, wait for a sitewide eBay code and get all the bits on there you will save a pretty penny
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