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Found 28th Nov 2006
Can anyone advise on an easy to use mp3 player (for a mature gentleman)which holds between 50 and 100 hours worth of music? Don't want to spend more than £50 as it's purely for audio books.

Many thanks people!:thumbsup:
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Question. are your audio books downloaded from the net or ripped from a CD?
They're ripped from mp3 cds. I have acquired 180 odd 25 minute episodes, but dont really need to wack more than 50 of them on the mp3 player at a time.
Not sure if they are still doing it, but Argos were selling a 40GB hard drive based MP3 player for £50 recently.

If it is for audio books then the quality of the files dont need to be high. About 56kbps MP3 will be fine for speech, so I think a 1 or 2GB flash based player would be perfect for your needs.

A couple of suggestions (just suggestions based on look + price!):

SanDisk Sansa m240 1Gb MP3 Player - £25
* Looks good, made by Sandisk so should be pretty decent quality. £25 is a good price for a branded 1GB player

Samsung YP-U1Q 2GB MP3 Player - Black - £46
* Looks very good, is a pretty large capacity with 2GB, and Samsung has good quality products in the MP3 worl

SanDisk Sansa c140 1Gb MP3 Player - £36.50

Samsung YPF2ZW-WHITE 1GB - £45
Thanks mate, I think I'm sold on the m240!
According to Amazon it holds 16 hours of music, which most places use 128kbps as the test MP3's. This means that if the audio books were converted to 56kbps, it would hold around 35 hours of audio. Bear in mind this is considerably lower than the 50 hours ballpark figure you were after.

Also remember these are suggestions based on looks, price, capacity, and some reviews. If it ends up to be a cheap toy, please dont hunt me down :P Good thing is it's all on Amazon so free P&P and they are usually good if something goes wrong.
That's fine mate the 50 hrs was a starting point. I haven't brought an mp3 player for 2 years, I'm out of touch with the capabilities of them tbh. That model was on ebay for £33 excluding postage anyway so I've got a bargain regardless.
Basically flash MP3 players are largely the same as they were years ago. There are different designs, larger capacity, cheaper, and that's about it. Some have larger audio support for different codecs - OGG, AAC etc. Sometimes they even have colour screens.

There are the more expensive hard drive based MP3 players such as the iPods etc... Normal MP3 player but with a large screen which the player can often use to display images or play videos (ala, iPod Video for example).

Then there are the PVR types such as the Archos 504 (what i have). It is designed largely for portable video and lets you record from external sources ( TV, cable, dvd player etc ), but will still play MP3's etc (usually a much larger screen than anything else).

I know you didnt ask for that info, but just to clear up any questions etc
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