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    Was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction of recreating modern contemporary portrait photography at home. I've done a bit in the past using photoshop but my skills are pitiful and it's been a while. Is it all photoshop or are special filters used? Assume correct lighting has been used (an amateur studio for example).

    I'm after the Venture type pictures, very bright and colourful with near white faces. What is the correct terminology for this to start looking into it more? If you have any guides that would be better.

    Also interested in batch conversions/retouching. I've done a little software automation in the past and wondered if I could set photoshop up to take a load of standard images and it automatically change the settings etc to achieve this look on all images in a folder. This would then leave little work for me to do, just cropping and blemish removal at most.


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    Venture images

    The above link should give you an idea, in the 'colour' section.

    Oh and thanks in advance, any help appreciated.

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    For batch editing then Lightroom would be perfect, check the Newsgroups.

    For the blown out, white faces could you not just over expose the image either in camear or Photoshop?

    its a mixure of both, but when ive been to shoots the images are there for you to see straight away so unsure how much tweaking goes on. for stuff like B&W with a hint of color its obviously done elsewhere or by the snapper afterwards. buy yourself some lights and have a play. i looked into it a month or so ago. a decent backdrop will help. if youve only just got into it, then its not goin to happen overnight, like i said just have a play with lights and get someone willing to be snapped.
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